TECHNIQUES: Pattern cutting, clothes making.

STORY: I saw this Men’s Calvin Klein bomber I loved but would never be able to afford and even if I could, would never fit me properly, even in an XS Men’s size. I wanted a warm short jacket but hated that thing in winter when you’d put your hood up only to be blown down by a bitter gust of wind. So I thought it would be cool if you could have a really tight fitting hood that wouldn’t get blown off, but thought it might look a bit silly. Then I remembered an Alexander Wang jacket I’d seen a couple of seasons ago that had two hoods – I thought the outer larger hood could come over an inner tight fitting hood.

I bought a pattern with a drop shoulder block (something I had also wanted in my short warm jacket) then proceeded to alter the pattern, changing the arm shape and changing the collar into a hood, nay, two hoods. I created  a toille from jersey, which was probably a mistake, but was leftover fabric I had on hand and wanted to use up.

The outer is made from a rubber-feel DWR from Mood fabrics (according to its website description, have yet to discover if it’s true) with a fused fleece lining. It has two in-seam pockets just above the hem rib, on the sides.

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