All photography  © 2016 Tom Joy

TECHNIQUES: Art direction, project management.

STORY: As a designer for Addict, I worked with the lead designer and digital marketing manager to create images for lookbooks. All in all I project managed the shoots for AW15, SS16 and AW16. The concept for this SS16 shoot was inspired by a trip to the Saatchi Gallery in London, who at the time had a few installations involving projectors and lightboxes. Since our featured artist was Felipe Pantone, who created a digitally inspired graphic for our collection, the two concepts were in aesthetic harmony and hence I developed a concept around combining the two. The Addict team experimented with a projector and lighting then  we sold our concept to Tom Joy, an awesome photographer we’d worked with a few times before. We projected graphics that had been used in the collection onto walls and our awesome model Cookie worked his magic and the results are manifest.

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