About Us

Elenany was created in 2009 by product designer Sarah Elenany.

She applies her technical background and “design for need” philosophy to create products that are well made and adhere to cultural norms, or in other words, are easy to wear.

She is inspired stylistically by bold, angular graphics which translates into clothing of strong silhouettes and functionality. She designs for independent people who aren’t shy of making a statement.

Her design and personal ethics permeate every fibre of her clothing. She believes that fast fashion is a waste of both resources and leads to unethical manufacturing practises. By creating original styles that can be worn irrespective of trends, clothing is used for longer, being kinder to the planet. The clothing is also made in London, where she can monitor that manufacturing conditions are not harmful to the person making the clothes. We work to the ETI Base Code Guidelines.

She likes most things from Japan and chocolate, but would hate that anyone would think she was clichéd for liking both of those things. She has also won a few awards here and there for her work.



Photography by Alessia Gammarota

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